What Are Some Careers That Deal With Children?


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Teachers deal with children every day, while social workers and little league coaches work with kids as well. Additionally, becoming a children's entertainer is a way to work with and around kids.

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Houston Chronicle notes that becoming a kindergarten teacher allows professionals to work with children every day. Becoming an elementary school teacher is a career path centered around kids. Teaching children through dance, art or music classes is another option. Jobs at a museum and zoo are kid-friendly professions as well. Community centers and parks often give people a chance to deal with children. Libraries tend to hire professionals for reading time and managing children's books.

In the entertainment arena, becoming an entertainer at festivals and children's parties are fields for people who like children. A career in children's sports means managing soccer, baseball or basketball teams.

In the health care field, a pediatrician is a doctor who provides direct medical care to kids. There are also nurses who specialize in pediatrics, and children's hospitals are places in which medical professionals who want to deal with kids often work. Psychologists, dentists and therapists also work with children.

The social services field allows workers to help children in difficult circumstances and places them in safer environments if necessary. A child counselor deals with children who may be facing major issues, such as divorce or abuse. School psychologists fulfill the same role as a social worker, but they deal with children through the lens of psychology.

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