What Are Some Facts About Careers in Construction Management?


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Careers in construction management involve a general knowledge of the construction process, including specific area such as architecture or carpentry, require a bachelor's degree and include a moderate amount of job training to become familiar with a construction site. The job does not typically require prior experience in the same role and includes a median salary of approximately $86,500 as of 2014, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Construction management involves overseeing a specific construction project or site, monitoring the overall progress of the work from beginning to end. The job requires the ability to create and enforce a budget, identify priorities for resources and meeting with numerous parities to negotiate contracts and set work schedules. The primary job responsibility is to ensure that a construction job finishes on time and within budget, or that it avoids exceeding either factor by an unreasonable amount. As such, it hinges on communication and organization, often on a large scale.

The positions involve working with land owners and developers to determine the needs for a project and obtain the appropriate resources, then meeting with architects to understand the specific requirements for the construction job. Managers then create a schedule for each section of the project, starting with preparing the site for the work and proceeding through each phase until the job is done. At the end, the manager fills out special forms to designate the projects completion and collects final payment from the developers.

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