What Are Some Careers in the Computer Field?


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Careers in the computer field range from work as a Web designer, 3-D technician or graphic designer to positions in sales, technical support and technical writing. Individuals with computer training can also obtain positions as networking or system administrators, electronics engineers, hardware specialists or computer security experts.

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Entry level positions in the computer field typically include work as a customer service representative, computer sales specialist, data entry specialist, help desk technician or database manager. Computer specialists can also work as freelancers repairing hardware or troubleshooting software problems for private clients or corporate customers. Some industries seek out computer support with system analysis, testing and quality assurance.

Professionals with extensive computer training and experience may find work as a software developer, programmer, webmaster or Web designer. Careers in designing customized mobile and tablet applications is also a viable option for computer experts.

Private and large corporations hire people in information security to protect confidential data. Database analysts and systems administrators also work to build platforms to access client and customer data and secure the information. Careers in both computer design and security are often in demand when threats to data and computer security exist during virus attacks and breaches of information security.

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