What Are Some Careers Available to MBA Graduates?


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Careers available to MBA graduates include information technology manager, financial analyst, operations manager, chief technology offer or investment banker. Other careers include managerial roles in fields such as marketing, finances, corporate sales, public health and operations as well as a variety of consulting positions to companies in many different industries.

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A graduate from an MBA program obtains a strong understanding of the qualities necessary to manage a successful business throughout the course of her education. If she has a background in computers, she may move into positions within information technology, such as managing an IT department for a company or overseeing lower positions within a firm. Similarly, if she has past career experience in marketing, she may be able to take several different positions within that field, such as a marketing manager for a corporation or a similar role within a consulting firm.

Many graduates also pursue careers within the financial sector, as a knowledge of business helps to determine the strengths and weakness of a company. Graduates may take jobs as analysts or investment bankers, since their training helps them make informed suggestions for purchases and investigations. Many graduates also pursue executive jobs within companies due to their understanding of business management.

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