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An individual should choose the right career based on his personality; taking a career test is an accurate way of determining his personality and the career that suits him best. He should also ask himself questions regarding what he loves doing, what motivates him and the best environment for his personality type. These questions help him in deciding the exact types of careers to pursue.

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A professional who is motivated by promotion is a risk taker and is best suited for an entrepreneurial career, such as launching his own start-up business. A professional who is motivated by protection typically wants to protect any gains by maintaining the status quo; he is more suitable for a stable job with minimal risks. An introverted personality may prefer to work in a quieter environment, while an extrovert may prefer a loud, busy office.

These two personality types can work in environments best suited to the opposite personality, provided they are passionate about their work and are willing to adapt to new challenges. The kind of lifestyle that a certain job offers is also a crucial aspect in choosing a career; aspects, such as the frequency of travel and amount of overtime, vary in each career. A person typically discovers his passions with time as he pursues a career path.

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