How Do You Do a Career Self-Assessment?


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To perform a career self-assessment, determine your relevant job skills by writing down tasks that you have performed better than others to do a job effectively. Consider examples of times at work where you used those skills in a way that benefited the company.

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How Do You Do a Career Self-Assessment?
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Several assessment tests exist that can help you understand your strengths and areas of expertise. These tests simply gather data about your values, interests, personality and aptitudes. The assessments then translate these characteristics into a suggested career path. Often, these tests are available online or in certain books, or you can contact a career counselor who has access to these kinds of tools.

One type of assessment test is a value inventory test that determines a person's belief system. An interest inventory determines likes and dislikes related to specific activities and helps identify types of work that complement that. Personality inventories analyze individual traits, motivational drives, needs and attitudes. An aptitude assessment determines a person's innate talents and careers that utilize those talents.

Complete a self-assessment by asking professional contacts to give you feedback about what they have observed in you as an employee. Be sure to ask them for ways you can improve and enhance job performance in addition to things you do well. Ask multiple people to compare recurring points from more than one source.

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