What Are Some Career Paths for Students in Vocational Schools?


Career paths for students in vocational schools include cosmetologist, real estate appraiser, paralegal, veterinary technician and interior decorator. These careers are focused around a specific trade, and vocational school students can expect to study the skills of the trade and gain experience as an apprentice in their chosen field.

Vocational school is quickly becoming a popular alternative or precursor to traditional four-year university degrees. Degrees from a vocational school take less time to earn and are considerably less expensive. Vocational education typically leads graduates directly into their chosen career field. Some of the most in-demand vocational education fields include health care, computer information technology, criminal justice and culinary arts.

The job market is wide open, with some of the most in-demand positions for students trained at vocational schools. Increasingly university students struggle to find employment after graduation, while openings for vocational school students continue to grow. Career-focused individuals often find this is the best option for launching a career after graduation.

Unfortunately, vocational classes in high school often become a dumping ground for students who are less academically successful, causing a stigma for students who choose vocational school over traditional colleges. Guidance counselors and advisers focus on traditional university options, and students who choose vocational school may feel as if they still carry this stigma as compared to other college-bound students. Trade schools are working to neutralize and change this image.