What Are Some Career Options for Registered Nurses?


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Among the job opportunities available for registered nurses are hospital positions, traveling nurses, industrial nurses, school nurses and teaching positions. Hospital nurses have a wide range of career options, from nurse anesthetists who administer anesthesia for surgery to floor nurses who provide direct patient care.

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Hospital nurses work in different units of the facility, such as operating rooms, intensive care, pediatrics, obstetrics and medical-surgical areas. Some work more directly with patients, while others perform more managerial duties.

Traveling nursing jobs are ideal for single nurses who like variety. These jobs take nurses to different locations to fill in for limited periods of time.

Industrial and school nurses work outside of clinical settings. Industrial nurses work at industrial or business sites, and school nurses work in educational settings.

Registered nurses may teach nursing students in post-secondary settings or potential health care workers in secondary school settings. In doing so, they have the opportunity to impact a new generation of health workers.

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