What Are Some Career Options in Print and Graphic Design?


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Print designer, web designer and logo designer are some of the career options in print and graphic design. Print and graphic designers meet with clients to determine their needs, help clients outline potential strategies to reach a defined demographic and then create or produce images conveying the client’s desired message.

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What Are Some Career Options in Print and Graphic Design?
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A print designer must have creative ability, being able to visualize the final image in his mind before setting out to create it. Print designers usually have wide control over what they create and can work either in-house for a company with regular hours and pay or work as a freelancer. However, the influx of computer-based design has cut down the demand for print designers.

Web designers who have the ability to write computer code have a significant career advantage over those without the ability. Web design can be self-taught, but many companies prefer formal schooling for web designers being considered as employees. If web design is self-taught, having a portfolio of past work showing creativity and versatility is a plus.

Logo designers use their creativity to create logos for businesses and other organizations. These logos can become the basis for an organization’s branding efforts. Formal education is not required but may be preferred by companies looking to hire in-house logo designers. Many logo designers work as freelancers.

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