What Are the Career Options for a Graduate in Mass Communication in India?


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Mass Communication graduates in India have many career options, including careers in print media, advertising, electronic media, research and public relations. Graduates can also pursue a career in education and work as a teacher or professor of Mass Communication at a school or a university.

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What Are the Career Options for a Graduate in Mass Communication in India?
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Graduates of Mass Communication programs can choose to pursue a career in either print or electronic media. An undergraduate degree can help one land a job as a contributor or a copywriter to newspapers and magazines, or an assistant content writer or a segment host for radio and television. One can also delve into the film making field, which requires a number of tasks that can be performed by a Mass Communication graduate, such as casting, story writing, editing and screening and promotions. Students who go on to receive a post-graduate degree in any field, including Mass Communication, often have a better chance of being considered for higher positions.

In an issue of the Huffington Post, India is named a promised land of journalism. The country has more than 80,000 print publications and about 400 news channels. Indian print media is currently driven by regionalization and has continued to grow in terms of revenue and circulation.

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