What Are Some Career Options in the Food Service Management Field?


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Career options in the food service management field include supervisory roles in a variety of settings, including fast food restaurants, independent establishments, school cafeterias or hotel restaurants. The field may also lead to specialized management options, such as supervising a specific segment of the restaurant's staff, or opening a new restaurant completely.

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Food service management refers to a wide range of positions within the industry, all of which involve a strong knowledge of the specific work environment and the ability to oversee operations in several different ways. Entry-level food service management roles include positions as assistant managers, which consist of a split between the responsibilities of a manager and other roles within the restaurant, such as waiters, cashiers, cooks or bussing staff. This allows the employee to work alongside a manager to learn the different responsibilities of the job while still participating in the daily actions of the restaurant.

Full managerial positions include a great deal of scheduling to ensure that the restaurant has the appropriate staff at all times, along with making sure that it has the appropriate supplies and ingredients to prepare food. This role can transition into a similar position at a different type of food service environment, such as moving from a manager at a fast food establishment to overseeing the cafeteria at an assisted living facility or a hotel restaurant. It can also lead to specialized roles, such as managing the wait staff exclusively or overseeing operations on a specific day.

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