What Are Some Career Options for Ex-Police Officers?


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Career options for ex-police officers include loss-prevention specialist, crime scene investigator and private investigator. These options are especially good for ex-police officers with many wage-earning years left or who want to stay active.

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Many big corporations and department stores hire loss-prevention specialists to protect their assets. The specialists are tasked with identifying potential areas for loss and boosting security. Former police officers with specialized computer skills may find work protecting businesses against cyber-attacks and may be tasked with setting up computer security systems.

Ex-police officers with experience working in crime scenes may find work as crime scene investigators. Crime scene investigators document details of crime scenes and ensure that evidence is properly processed. A certification in photography may increase the chances of finding a job. Former police officers generally earn more and are more likely to move up in the ranks than civilians. Meticulous attention to detail is essential for successful crime scene investigation.

Lastly, many companies and individuals hire private investigators, usually those with prior law enforcement training. Assignments may include looking for missing persons, trailing cheating spouses, and tracking down insurance fraudsters and identity thieves. Most states require a license to operate as a private investigator. Some private investigators set their own hours while others work a set schedule, depending on personal preference and terms of employment.

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