What Career Options Are Available in Animal Rescue?


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Career options available in animal rescue include veterinarian, veterinary technician, wildlife rehabilitator and animal caregiver. Positions related to animal rescue include humane educator, humane law enforcement, zoologist and animal rights lobbyist.

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Education requirements vary based on the position. Animal rescue organizations typically have unpaid volunteer positions that do not require the same level of experience or education. Many career paths related to animal research or care can involve animal rescue, depending on the type of work a person is seeking.

As of February 2015, veterinarians are required to complete four years of college followed by four years in veterinary school. An internship or residency may be required. Veterinary technicians must complete a veterinary technician program, then complete a certification exam. Veterinarians and veterinary technicians are able to work at locations such as shelters, animal rescues or clinics.

Wildlife rehabilitators help sick or injured animals heal. Training requirements typically include courses and seminars, followed by obtaining permits or licenses. Wildlife rehabilitators can work on their own, at a shelter or at a wildlife refuge.

Animal caregiver positions may or may not require prior training. Certain organizations provide caregivers with on the job training. Caregivers are responsible for feeding animals, keeping them clean and playing with them.

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