How Do You Get a Career As a Musician?

Essential traits needed for a successful career as a musician include focusing on a specific talent area of music, building relationships with people who can assist your career goals and taking a hands-on approach to promoting your career. Seek out nontraditional opportunities, and be versatile in job selection.

Specialize in one area of music, whether it be playing an instrument, writing, producing or teaching music to others. Choose a niche market, promote your music talents within that market, and continue building skills and experience. One key to success is believing in your unique talents and pursuing your goals regardless of rejection. Create a strong network consisting of fellow musical artists, managers, promoters and potential employers who might need your services in the future. The music business thrives on relationships, and getting a great gig is often the results of knowing the right person.

Collaborating with other music artists on projects is a good way to get your name known and extend your opportunities. Use digital technology to produce and distribute creative efforts to a wide audience of music fans. Communicate with your audience through live performances, digital download recordings and music videos posted online. Set up a website and email newsletter to stay in touch with your fans and potential employers. Seek opportunities to help various businesses integrate music into their offerings, and be open to doing a variety of music-related jobs that help pay the bills while working towards career success.