What Is a Career Goal Statement?


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A career goal statement is a short, concise statement detailing an individual's vision of where his career is headed. While these statements may be used personally to keep a person on track in achieving success in his career, it is typically part of a resume.

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The career goal statement is personal to the author and is tailored to his specific career aspirations. Although it is usually contained on the individual's resume, it is also an important tool to be used during the resume-writing process to ensure the resume is clear and focused, rather than a jumbled job history.

An effective statement pairs the goals of the individual with the benefits the company can receive by hiring him. Effective career goal statements are specific and not rigid. This gives the company some flexibility to consider the applicant for various positions. An example of flexibility in a goal statement is for an applicant for a computer programming position to avoid limiting himself toward a goal related to a certain programming language.

These statements are especially useful in the resumes of entry-level workers and those changing careers. The work and education histories for these people may not accurately convey their goals.

Outside the context of a resume, career goal statement can be used as a means of checking the progress of a person's own career compared to pre-established goals contained in the statement. When not part of a resume, the statement may be longer and more complex.

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