What Are Some Career Examples for Those Who Have a Criminal Justice Degree?


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A criminal justice degree most often leads to a career in the field of law enforcement, which is extremely broad and provides a new graduate with myriad options. Police officer, FBI agent and Border Patrol agent are a few job titles popular among graduates with criminal justice degrees.

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What Are Some Career Examples for Those Who Have a Criminal Justice Degree?
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Criminal justice is a broad field. Whether a recent graduate prefers an active law enforcement job, such as that of a police officer or an FBI agent, or would rather work behind a desk conducting investigations, he is likely to find something that suits him.

Government agencies, such as the FBI, CIA and Border Patrol, as well as local police departments frequently recruit graduates in criminal justice. Police department jobs are known as easier to get for someone right out of school, as government agencies often prefer prior law enforcement experience. However, students from top criminal justice programs frequently get hired by the FBI and CIA immediately upon graduation.

Not all criminal justice graduates carry a badge and gun in their chosen careers. Many of them instead become paralegals, law clerks, probation officers and substance abuse counselors. These jobs allow them to participate in the justice system, while remaining in an office environment rather than out in the field.

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