What Are Some Career Choices for Introverts?

What Are Some Career Choices for Introverts?

Career choices for introverts include actuary, computer programmer, medical records clerk, paralegal and graphic designer. For introverts who prefer not to work at a desk, some career choices are forester, electrician and long-haul trucker.

An actuary analyzes risk. For example, an actuary working for a life insurance company uses calculations and statistics to determine the likelihood of death based on age, lifestyle and other factors. Computer programmers also use analytical skills to automate the solutions to problems in the programs and applications they write.

A medical records clerk is responsible for keeping paper and electronic medical records organized. Medical records clerks generally work in hospitals or clinical practices. The paralegal maintains legal files and performs legal research.

Graphic design offers the opportunity to create visual art on paper or on computer. Graphic designers work in software and videogame development, advertising, and commercial art. Some work from home on a freelance basis.

Forestry allows a person to spend time outdoors in wilderness areas. Electricians install and maintain electrical systems in buildings as a company employee, an independent entrepreneur or on a contract basis. Truckers spend most of their time traveling, driving a territory that may cross state lines or the country.