How Do You Find Free Care Plans?

Patients and RNs can find free care plans from a variety of sources, including the National Institute on Aging, National Healthcare Decisions Day and RN Central websites. Care plans are individualized patient plans that detail the patient's wishes for care so that all staff members are aware of the plan, notes the RN Central website.

The National Institute on Aging is part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services and describes advance care planning as the opportunity for patients to express their health desires prior to receiving care, states the website. Patients are advised to create a living will and have it signed by a witness, attorney or notary.

The National Healthcare Decisions Day website offers visitors a list of resources that offer care plans for patients. The site offers links to AARP, American Hospital Association and U.S. Living Well Registry websites, among others. The linked sites offer end-of-life planning and writing brochures for patients to utilize.

RN Central is an online resource for RNs to learn about the different aspects of the nursing profession, and the care plan page offers visitors the opportunity to obtain templates for various health issues, the website notes. The site offers plan templates for illnesses such as anxiety, grieving and social isolation, among others.