How Do You Find Care Assistant Vacancies in Your Area?


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The best way to find care assistant vacancies in a certain area is to use an online job board such as SnagAJob.com, Indeed.com and Monster.com. Jobs for care assistants are also available by networking.

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SnagAJob.com lists care assistant jobs on its website by ZIP code or state, and there are thousands of listings, as of 2015. The search screen shows a simple list with a job title, company and location, along with a button, which allows people to apply or click the title of the listing for a job description.

Indeed.com is similar to SnagAJob.com, but more information appears on the search results page including a brief description of the job, the ability to email the job description and even reviews on many jobs. To apply for jobs on this site, click the job link, read the description and apply online.

Monster.com also lists care assistant jobs under the title of healthcare assistant jobs. Many of these jobs are in-home care jobs. Search for these positions by ZIP code to locate openings in a certain area. Search Monster.com by city, state, related job titles or company. To apply for these jobs, click the link to the job description, and upload a resume. Some companies instead ask job seekers to apply via a company website.

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