How Is Cardboard Made?

How Is Cardboard Made?

Cardboard is made by putting a single wavy sheet of paper called a flute between two other sheets, called liners. These are glued together and the cardboard is then cut to size. It can also be made into a box.

  1. Create the flute
  2. The fluting section of the cardboard has to be created first. A corrugated roller machine, or corrugator, is used to do this. Paper is fed into the machine and hot steam is sprayed on it. On one side of the paper that is being corrugated, the machine applies glue.

  3. Fix the liners
  4. The liner paper is then fixed to the corrugated section using another machine. This gives the cardboard part of its strength, and it holds it together.

  5. Cut
  6. The corrugator machine then cuts the cardboard to give it a straight edge, and to create the correct size pieces.

  7. Create a box
  8. If the cardboard that is being made is for boxes, the machine usually continues working. It first stacks the boards ready for the next process.

  9. Trim
  10. That process is to trim the boards to make the flaps of a box, or the handles.

  11. Bend and glue
  12. In the final stage of the process a machine bends the box into the correct shape. Once it is made into a box, glue is automatically applied to hold it together.