Do Car Insurance Companies Give Senior Discounts?

Do Car Insurance Companies Give Senior Discounts?

Depending on the insurance company, seniors may qualify for a host of senior driver discounts, including mature driver discounts, low-mileage discounts, retired military member discount and discounts for taking a special senior driver training course. Seniors may also qualify for discounts for being members of certain senior organizations.

Once a senior becomes a certain age, he can qualify for a mature driver discount with most insurance companies. The specific age that must be attained depends on the insurance company. This mature driver discount can reduce annual premiums and save seniors money.

A low-mileage discount may apply for seniors who spend very little time on the road. Many seniors find that it is easy to keep the number of miles driven at a minimum after retirement because they are no longer commuting to work.

Taking a defensive driver course for seniors can qualify a senior for an additional discount. These courses are designed to help seniors stay safe on the road.

Being a retired military member can also qualify seniors to save on their auto insurance with many companies. Likewise, senior discounts for belonging to senior organizations, including the American Association of Retired Persons, or AARP, are available with many companies. Seniors should check with their individual insurance company to find out what discounts are available to them.