How Do You Get Car Insurance?


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To get car insurance, first see if you can be added to an existing plan. If this is not an option, shop around for the best quotes, pay your premium, and shop around again after maintaining the policy you choose for at least six months.

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  1. Get added to an existing policy

    If you have never had auto insurance before, ask someone to add you to their existing policy. Anyone in your household, such as a parent or sibling, can add you to their existing policy, and this is cheaper insurance than you are likely to get on your own.

  2. Shop around

    If you can't be added to an existing policy, shop around to find the lowest quote on individual plans. Most insurance companies provide quotes for free.

  3. Pay for the insurance coverage

    Once you find an acceptable auto insurance policy at a price you can afford, pay the policy cost in full to receive a discount, or make your first monthly payment.

  4. Maintain the policy

    If you did not pay the policy off in full, make your payments in a timely fashion for at least six months.

  5. Shop around again

    Once you have maintained your insurance policy for at least six months, shop around again to find lower insurance rates.

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