How Do You Find Car Donations for Single Moms?

car-donations-single-moms Credit: Liam Norris/Taxi/Getty Images

Single moms seeking a donated charity car can register with Free Charity Cars, a charity organization that gives away free cars to people needing independent transportation. Registration is free, and receiving a donated car requires sharing a personal story, supporting the organization's online community and accumulating points through its voting system. Vehicles for Change provides refurbished vehicles to single mothers and families without a vehicle. Its car donations are restricted to families living in a handful of states.

Free Charity Cars is a nonprofit organization that accepts donated vehicles and gives them away to individuals who are registered and active on its online community. To be eligible to receive a free car a single mom must be a U.S. resident 18 years of age or older, have a valid driver's license, have an income at or below the federal poverty level and have a genuine need for a car. Free Charity Cars requires participants to have reliable computer and Internet access. This is a nationwide car donation program, and those chosen to receive a free car must cover all expenses related to vehicle pick up, insurance and registration.

Registering with Free Charity Cars doesn't guarantee receipt of a vehicle. As of 2015, Vehicles for Change provides road-ready, low-cost vehicles to eligible single moms living in Maryland, Michigan, Virginia and Washington, DC.