Why Does the CAQH Application Ask for Such Specific Details?


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Application forms ofthe Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare, or CAQH, are complex because they inform the industry standard for health care providers and industry cooperation, meaning that they must be comprehensive in all areas or risk creating confusion. CAQH standards function as the interfaces between many different companies and even government agencies that must communicate quickly and without incident to keep health care functioning.

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CAQH applications require that people provide Social Security numbers, current addresses and other pieces of personal information and medical background information. This enables the service to build a document for each applicant, so that the person in question can be processed effectively through various corporate and government portals.

CAQH was designed to help facilitate the mandate for universal health care. It consolidates the paperwork and required fields of payers and providers in order to generate a coherent method of interaction, meaning payers can always depend on the reliability of their paperwork when seeking new coverage or attempting to query existing coverage.

Health care providers standardize their own practices through CAQH, as do physicians and other medical professionals. Practices and providers in-network can collaborate and interoperate with all other in-network parties, making them vastly more internally efficient than any two external systems forced by circumstance to attempt some kind of interoffice cooperation.

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