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Capital One cards refer to the wide range of credit cards that Capital One Financial Corporation issues to consumers, students and small business owners, according to the company website. This financial institution also partners with other companies, such as GM, to offer branded credit cards with associated benefits.

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Capital One issues credit cards that offer cash back, travel rewards and business rewards, as outlined on CapitalOne.com. Its financial instruments also include secured credit cards that are targeted at consumers with poor credit or no credit who are seeking to build credit or improve their credit ratings. Consumers can choose between the MasterCard or Visa networks when applying for a Capital One card.

Depending upon the card chosen and the level of qualification, customers may or not pay an annual fee, explains Capital One. Interest rates vary as well, based upon the applicant's credit score. Many of the Capital One credit cards offer a zero-percent introductory APR over a set period of time. Capital One's popular rewards cards allow cardholders to earn miles or cash back for eligible purchases. Several of these cards award an initial bulk cash-back amount or a large quantity of miles after meeting an initial spending threshold.

Capital One Financial Corporation was founded in 1988 by Richard J. Fairbanks, and the company states in 2015 that it is one of America's top 10 largest banks based on deposits. Its U.S. card division issues and manages the company's credit card business.

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