What Is the Capital Gains Tax Rate?

capital-gains-tax-rate Credit: Diane Macdonald/Moment Open/Getty Images

According to Chuck Saletta of The Motley Fool, the capital gains tax rate in 2014 depends on the tax bracket that the taxpayer's income falls into during the year. The capital games tax rate also depends on how long the assets were held at the time of the gain.

Assets held for less than a year and a day are taxed at the normal tax rate of the filer. Long-term assets, those held longer than a year and a day are taxed at rates ranging from 0 percent to 20 percent. The 0 percent tax rate is for those whose marginal income tax brackets were 10 or 15 percent. Those in the 25-to-35 percent tax brackets are taxed at a rate of 15 percent, while those in the 39.6 percent tax bracket are taxed at a rate of 20 percent.