How Do You Cancel a Shoppers Advantage Membership?


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Cancel a Shoppers Advantage membership by calling the company's toll-free support phone number or by sending a written request outlining your membership information and stating the date on which you wish to terminate your account. As of 2016, the company offers an online contact tool on its site, ShoppersAdvantage.com, though it may not be able to process cancellation requests through this method.

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Shoppers Advantage offers customers access to special price discounts, cash back rewards and price protection for the purchase of a variety of products, including sporting goods, electronics, home furnishings and children's toys, in exchange for paying a monthly membership fee. Members need to contact the company's customer service or membership services department to verify identity and account information and cancel a membership. Written requests for cancellation should also include membership details, but may require members to submit additional information to the company.

Customers are able to sign up at a reduced rate for the first month before incurring the normal rates, during which time members may cancel to avoid the higher costs. Customers may also cancel at any point during the membership period, though the company may not prorate memberships or offer refunds for cancellations that happen in the middle of a billing cycle. The company also reserves the right to hold member's liable for any pending charges or purchases on the account regardless of membership cancellation.

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