How Do You Cancel Medicare Coverage?


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Cancel Medicare Part A by completing Form CMS 1763, Request for Termination of Premium Hospital and Medical Insurance, and mailing it to your local Social Security office, advises Bernard Health. Use the same form to cancel Medicare Part B, notes Social Security. To terminate Medicare Part D, call Medicare or notify the insurance plan directly online or by mail or fax, states Medicare.gov.

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Medicare Part A is hospital insurance that is free for most people, explains Bernard Health. Canceling Medicare Part A also means relinquishing Social Security benefits. If you cancel Medicare Part A after turning 65 and are receiving benefits, you must reimburse Social Security and Medicare for any benefits received. Re-enroll at any time by calling the Social Security Administration.

To cancel Medicare Part B, schedule a personal interview at a local Social Security office, advises the Social Security Administration. During this interview, the representative provides Form CMS 1763 and helps to complete it.

Medicare Part D provides coverage for drugs. Change or drop this coverage by calling Medicare between October 15th and December 7th each year, states Medicare.gov. Some plans provide a way to cancel coverage online. Alternatively, call the provider and ask to receive a disenrollment notice to complete and return by mail. Another option is to mail or fax the provider a signed letter requesting to cancel the plan.

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