How Do You Cancel a MasterCard?


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Cancel a MasterCard by paying off the card and calling customer service or writing a letter to customer service, as indicated by eHow. Most financial institutions give MasterCard credit cards to their customers, and the process of cancelling the card is the same.

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Before attempting to close the account, make sure that you have paid off the card. If not, you can transfer the balance to another card so that it has a zero balance before calling customer care, says eHow.

A MasterCard has a customer service number on the back. Your billing statement and contract are the other places where you can find the customer service number. First confirm with the agent that the card has a paid-off balance, then tell him that you want to cancel the card. The agent may try to change your mind, but remain firm with your decision, explains eHow.

Writing a letter to customer service is the other method of cancelling a MasterCard. Obtain the issuer's mailing address from the company website or your billing statement. The letter to the card issuer should include the card number, your name and address. In the letter, ask for written confirmation regarding the account cancellation. Say that you want the records to show that the card closure was at your request, according to eHow. Send the letter via certified mail or return receipt requested, and check your credit report several months later to ensure it reflects the card closure and that you initiated the request.

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