How Do You Cancel Anthem Insurance?

To cancel Anthem insurance, the terminating employee or the group administrator must complete a member change form, and the form must be signed by the group administrator, according to Anthem. The form is linked to from the Notifying Us of a Termination page on the company website. Alternatively, the group administrator can fill in the cancellation information on the group payment transmittal, which is part of the group bill.

Anthem must receive all retroactive terminations of coverage within 60 days of the requested effective date. If Anthem receives the termination information prior to the effective date, the company is less likely to mistakenly pay for claims after the termination date, states Anthem. If an employee simply wishes to terminate coverage for a dependent, he must submit a member change form by filling in the dependent's name on the Change in Type of Membership section within the Member Information section. The employee then needs to sign the form and return it to the group administrator for submission to Anthem.

Members should notify Anthem when coverage is automatically terminating for these events: divorce, death or ineligibility for any reason. When an employee's coverage is terminated, coverage for his spouse and dependents also ends, reports Anthem. Member change forms should be faxed as soon as possible to the company.