How Do You Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership?

You can end your Amazon Prime membership on The website has different sections for ending an Amazon Prime free trial and ending a full membership. Have your Amazon user ID and password on hand in order to log in and end your membership.

There are a couple of ways to end your membership online. One way is to go to and click on the Your Account tab on the upper right hand side of the home page. When the drop-down menu appears, click on Your Prime Membership. requires you to log in with your account information to view your membership page. Once on the membership page, follow the instructions to cancel your membership.

Another way to cancel your membership is by going to and visiting the Help & Customer Service page. Under the section End Your Amazon Prime Membership is an End Membership button that enables you to cancel your account. This page also requires login. There is also a link to the Manage Prime Membership Page. Click on the Do Not Continue button to cancel a Prime free trial. automatically upgrades free trial accounts to paid memberships if the member does not cancel before the trial ends.