How Do You Cancel ADT Services?

The process for cancelling a contract for ADT home security protection involves calling its National Sales Center to speak to a representative and request a contract termination. The representative may require you to verify your identity and the contract prior to initiating the cancellation.

Most protection contracts with ADT include a monthly fee for access to their response and home monitoring services through the installation of in-home monitoring equipment. If you move or simply wish to end the service, you must call the company and speak with a sales representative to request cancellation, rather than submitting an email request or initiating a cancellation through your online account. Make sure to have a recent copy of your bill on hand so that you can answer any questions the representative may have, such as your account number or home address.

According to, as of 2015 many customers experience complications cancelling their service contracts with ADT. As such, it is important to monitor your account and payment method, if you have recurring payments, to ensure that the service ends and you don’t receive any further charges. If you continue to experience charges, contact the National Sales Center again to confirm the cancellation and request a refund. If may be necessary to obtain a written copy of the company’s promise to cancel the account to service as proof of the conversation.