How Do You Find Canadian GIC Interest Rates?


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The Globe and Mail publishes daily information on the returns for GICs as a part of its Globe Investor report on the performance of Canadian and U.S. markets, according to its website. This information covers chartered banks, such as CIBC, HSBC, RBC and TD, as well as numerous credit unions.

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Users can sort the information on the Globe and Mail site according to financial institution or by alphabetical order, as well as by the rate of return, minimum deposit, whether the investment is redeemable, payment frequency and compounding frequency, explains the website. The data is available for both short- and long-term deposits, as well as registered and nonregistered accounts. Rates from the Globe and Mail are provided for six standard term lengths for short-term deposits, ranging from 30 to 270 days, and for long-term durations of between one and six years.

Similar information is available from the Financial Post, which publishes specific institutions' GIC rates and aggregate data, such as highs, lows and averages for each GIC duration, explains its website. Cannex Financial Exchanges accumulates select information on bank prime rates, mortgage rates, registered retirement income funds and annuities, states its website. Moreover, many Canadian financial institutions provide their most up-to-date GIC rates of return directly on their websites, such as RBC and TD.

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