How Do You Get on Canada's Do Not Call List?


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To register your number on the Canadian National Do Not Call list, go to the registration page on the Do Not Call List website at INNTE-DNCL.GC.ca. Enter your number in the box provided and click Continue. Confirm that the number you entered is correct and click Register.

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The National Do Not Call List discloses numbers on the NDNCL to registered subscribers of the program, who must abide by the list or face fines. Government of Canada rules exempt, fully or partially, some organizations from the NDNCL. These include registered charities, newspapers soliciting subscriptions, political parties and riding associations. Additionally, NDNCL rules exempt organizations that have existing business with NDNCL registrants, such as those that purchased or inquired about that organization's products.

If you do not wish to receive more calls from an exempt organization, ask to be put on their internal do-not-call list. Government rules exempt research organizations, such as polling firms, entirely from the NDNCL, as the government does not consider them telemarketing agents. Organizations may also call people who gave the organization explicit permission on written, electronic or online forms.

According to a report by The Globe and Mail, the release of NDNCL phone numbers to subscribers results in some unscrupulous subscribers fraudulently using the numbers as a calling list rather than a do-not-call list.

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