How Can You Get a Zero Interest Credit Card?


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To get a zero-interest credit card, check your credit score, and apply to a companies that issues zero-interest cards to people with similar credit scores. Limit your applications to one card at a time, as multiple applications can lower your credit score.

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Credit cards with a zero-interest rate usually only offer this rate during an introductory period of six to 12 months. After this period ends, the interest rate increases to that of other cards. However, during the zero-interest period, all payments go directly toward the balance on the card. As a result, it is possible to pay for purchases over time without incurring higher interest charges.

A zero-interest credit card with balance transfer allows the cardholder to transfer the money he owes on high-interest credit cards to the new card. Once the transfer is complete, he has the introductory period to pay down the balance without incurring more interest. Cards sometimes offer free balance transfers if the applicant includes the information the process requires with his application.

When applying for a zero-interest credit card, note the interest rate after the initial period. If it is more than other cards, consider transferring any remaining balance back to the initial card.

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