Where Can You Find a Free Written Test for a Forklift Operator?

Find a free written forklift operator test online at OSHA.gov by clicking Menu at the top right of the home page, and then entering "forklift quiz" into the search field. Select Forklift Quiz Occupational Safety and Health Administration from the results page. Sample performance tests are available by entering "forklift operator test" into the search field.

A free online forklift safety quiz is available on MySafetySign.com by hovering the mouse over the Workplace heading at the top of the home page, and then selecting Forklift from the drop down menu. Click the Forklift Certification Quiz on the landing page.

A forklift operator test is available on ProProfs.com by clicking Quizzes at the top right of the home page, followed by Business under the Quiz Categories heading on the landing page. Next, click Transportation under the Categories heading on the Business Quizzes and Trivia page. Select either Forklift Operator Test or Forklift Competency on the Fleet Quizzes and Trivia page.

Access a sample forklift operator certification test on AmTrustGroup.com by clicking the Search icon at the top right of the home page and entering "forklift" into the search field. Click one of the two External Loss Control Resources links on the search results page, and then scroll down and click the Sample Forklift Certification Test link under the Forklifts, Cranes, Powered Industrial Trucks heading.