How Can You Write a Resignation Acceptance Letter?

To write a resignation acceptance letter, the key to remember is to stay professional and courteous while acknowledging the employee's desires. It makes the employer look bad if the resignation acceptance letter is anything but professional and courteous.

There are few steps to writing a resignation acceptance letter, but professional courtesy is extremely important.

  1. Acknowledgement
  2. Ensuring that the resignation letter was received is the first step. Let the employee know that they got their intent across and that this letter is the acceptance of their resignation. In the case of breaking a contract, the employer can refuse the resignation letter.
  3. Let them know their last official day
  4. Doing this will let the employee know you are planning for them to resign, what day their last day in the work area will be and when to expect their last period of pay. However, if a contract was previously signed and the employee is attempting to end the contract prematurely, this is where the employer needs to let them know the consequences of breaking their contract early by quitting, since the employer is unable to accept the early resignation with a signed contract.
  5. Last documents
  6. If there are no conflicts and the resignation letter is being accepted, informing the employee of any last documents to sign or receive is crucial to this being beneficial to both sides.
  7. Expressing grief
  8. Expressing grief at resignation is always a professional thing to do, especially if it is heartfelt. Letting the employee know their final standing with the company can also be helpful to both parties involved.