How Can You Write a Good Mission Statement?


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To write a good mission statement, figure out the direction of the business, its purposes and goals, and what it offers that is unique to the market. Write a short statement between one to three sentences that summarizes the company's purpose and goals.

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If you are stuck for ideas, find the mission statements for businesses you admire and note the statements that accurately portray the business and its performance. Craft a statement based on the best examples you find. Use language that conveys the company's excitement, passion and focus. Be clear and comprehensive in communicating the ideas of the business and how you hope to see the business advance over the next few years. Use a thesaurus to vary your descriptive language.

Once a statement is composed, ask the leaders of the company or any trusted employees to give you feedback. If it is a small company or you are the only employee, ask friends or former associates with business savvy to offer constructive criticism. Make any changes or edits needed before posting the mission statement to your company's website or appropriate business materials. Your mission statement usually needs to change as the business grows or meets the goals originally set when the business began.

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