How Can You Write a Good Medical Assistant Cover Letter?


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To write a winning medical assistant cover letter, describe your medical expertise, personal worldview and any professional experience that demonstrates your value to the field.

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  1. Determine why you're a good fit

    Examine your educational background and past job experience to determine the focus of your cover letter. Consider the expectations of the hiring manager. Include relevant hobbies, talents and interests, and delve into experiences not listed on your resume.

  2. Get to the point

    Sell yourself right away. Don't waste time on a long introduction, and don't cover information the employer can find on your resume.

  3. Show that you know the industry

    Research the company thoroughly, as well as the medical industry as a whole. Find useful information about the services of medical assistants and current medical practices and trends. Pepper your cover letter with research to show the hiring manager that you know the field well and that you are familiar with the medical industry's inside information.

  4. Use the right file format

    Not all hiring managers have easy access to the .docx file format if they are using an older version of Word or another word processor. Therefore, you are safest sending your cover letter as a .doc or PDF file.

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