Where Can You Work and Get Paid the Same Day?


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While pay schedules vary depending on the company, employees at restaurants and youth sports leagues often receive pay after each work day. Freelance jobs for which the employee performs a service for the client may also pay the same day.

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Restaurant employees who serve customers, such as waiters and bartenders, receive hourly wages and tips from customers. While they may not receive their hourly rates every day, they do receive their tips every day. Some restaurants allow employees to keep tips from any customers they serve. Others require all the service employees to combine their tips and divide them equally.

Umpires and other officials for sports youth league games often receive their pay immediately after the games they officiate. Those who work multiple games in one day may receive their pay at the end of the day.

Freelancing jobs that often pay the same day include babysitting and landscaping. In general, freelance positions that only involve the employee and the client usually pay the same day, especially if the employee doesn't have a set schedule with the client.

Positions with a set schedule and no tipping from customers typically don't pay the employee the same day. The standard pay schedule for hourly positions is weekly or bi-weekly. Some salary positions have monthly pay schedules.

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