How Can You Work From Home?

How Can You Work From Home?

To work from home, update your resume, evaluate your skills and passions, search for jobs and create networks. Finally, prepare for an interview and be sure to dress appropriately.

  1. Update your resume

    Update your cover letter, references and resume to help you stand out from other job applicants looking to work from home. Adapt your resume to the particular job for which you are applying. Include social media experience, volunteer experience and other related accomplishments to your resume to enhance your credibility.

  2. Evaluate your skills and passions

    Create a list of your strengths, passions, previous job experience, skills and education. Use this list as a guideline to find work-at-home jobs that you are best suited for.

  3. Search for jobs

    Look for jobs, and consider their equipment requirements and qualifications for virtual employees. Read reviews from current and previous employees to get a sense of what it is like to work for these organizations. Incorporate social media and online job tools to your search.

  4. Create networks

    Use social media to get recommendations, and increase the chances of your resume being considered. Ask family and friends to help with your search for home-based jobs.

  5. Prepare for an interview

    Research on common interviewing questions for work-at-home positions, and practice your answers. Research the company before the interview.

  6. Dress appropriately

    Dress as if you are going to a physical job interview, even if the interview is over the phone or via video chat. Dressing for success makes you more confident and increases your chances of getting the job.