Where Can You Work at the Age of 15?

A person at the age of 15 can find employment in retail and food services in addition to seeking opportunities in the field of manual labor, such as sawmills and woodshops. Additionally, it is possible to work as a lifeguard at public swimming pools or water amusement parks.

A 15-year-old can offer services related to manual labor outside the house, such as mowing and landscaping; or providing in-house assistance, including cleaning, moving heavy objects, and helping with chores. People who are physically limited on account of their age or illness are likely to hire a younger person who is willing to provide manual-labor at a fraction of the cost an adult professional would charge.

Working in a kitchen or any other part of the food service industry at the age of 15 typically entails washing dishes, cleaning equipment, reheating food, and engaging in limited levels of cooking. Retail services involve cleaning fruits and vegetables in addition to stocking, labeling, weighing and pricing various products.

To work as a lifeguard, a 15-year-old must possess the American Red Cross Lifeguard certification by completing the certification classes offered by the local American Red Cross.

If in possession of a particular set of skills, a person at the age of 15 can offer tutoring services to parents who seek an affordable and skilled tutor for their children. Tutoring services can include dancing, singing, playing an instrument, or helping a person master a specific school subject.