Where Can You Find a Wonderlic Practice Test?


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People can take a free Wonderlic test at samplewonderlictest.com, and ProProfs offers user-submitted Wonderlic tests. The Wonderlic test consists of 50 questions; test takers have 12 minutes to finish.

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The Wonderlic test was designed in 1936 as a way of testing general cognitive ability. Its questions cover vocabulary, math and reasoning ability. Since the test takes 12 minutes, employers sometimes use it to test applicants without requiring them to take lengthier IQ tests.

While the Wonderlic test is not as well known as other IQ tests, the NFL uses the Wonderlic test for potential draft picks, and media outlets report these scores, which had led to increased public interest. As of April 2015, many NFL draft and player development experts state that the scores aren't valued as much as they were in the past, although an especially low score might indicate a bigger problem that requires further investigation.

One of the problems people have with the Wonderlic test is the differing question difficulty levels. Test takers who lose track of time might waste several minutes on an especially difficult question and fail to answer easier questions that appear later in the test. By skipping difficult questions and returning to them later if there is time, people can sometimes increase their scores significantly.

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