How Can Women Get Free Job Training When Returning to Work After Childcare Leave?

Women can get free job training when returning to work after childcare leave through participating in select internships and skills training programs offered by companies or applying for fellowships offered by private organizations. Some of the companies offering active programs to help women in this situation include Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase and Metlife.

Morgan Stanley chooses women from a pool of applicants for an intensive 12-week re-entry program. Before the women begin any work tasks, they go through a comprehensive orientation program. Both colleagues and senior management run the orientation. The program directors place women according to their skills and previous experience. JP Morgan Chase's re-entry program is paid and 18 weeks long. It includes exposure to business connections to re-establish networks and includes on-the-job training and development of skill sets through specific projects. Metlife offers an annual 10-week program that is also paid, and the training is for future open positions in the company.

Women re-entering the legal and financial areas can apply for an OnRamp Fellowship, which is geared to match experienced women with firms through paid training programs that last six or 12 months. These workers can show off their value to firms during this period and the firms that participate get access to an untapped group of professionals,.