How Can Women Get Cheap Car Insurance?


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Women as well as men can get cheap car insurance by taking supplementary driving training and exams, shopping around for low-priced offers and keeping their credit scores in good shape, according to Edmunds.com. Women pose a lower insurance risk than men and tend to access cheaper insurance, notes DMV.org.

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Insurance carriers price their services differently, and making price comparisons lets an individual find lower-priced offers before committing to a particular policy, according to CarsDirect. The state’s Department of Insurance, which regulates insurance firms, offers a consumer guide for comparing insurance premiums from diverse firms and finding low-priced insurers, explains Edmunds.com. The department logs customer complaints against individual insurers to ensure customers find suitable deals without compromising on service quality.

By enrolling for additional driving exams, such as the Pass Plus Driving Exam, women become better drivers and enjoy reductions in their car insurance premiums of up to 35 percent, notes CarsDirect. Evaluating insurance costs before purchasing a car provides savings on premiums, as the make, year and model of the car significantly affect the insurance rate, advises Edmunds.com.

Statistics offered by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety indicate that women, as compared to men, cause fewer accidents, commit less traffic violations and drive fewer miles – aspects that raise risk and insurance premiums, according to DMV.org. Taking advantage of these facts provides women with access to cheaper insurance, notes CarsDirect. Drivers who keep their credit scores in good shape have access to lower insurance rates, as insurers factor such scores in their rate calculations, states Edmunds.com.

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