How Can You Wire Cash in One Hour?


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Individuals can wire money in one hour or less by using MoneyGram or Western Union, according to the companies' websites. As of 2015, customers can send money either in person at participating locations or online through both MoneyGram and Western Union.

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Individuals using MoneyGram can send funds online or by using their smartphones. A customer can pay with a credit or debit card if he chooses same-day transfer, and the money is usually available for the recipient to pick up about 10 minutes after the transfer. A customer can also send money to the receiver's bank account. For anyone wishing to pay with a U.S. bank account, the funds are available within three business days of the transfer. MoneyGram also offers wire transfers at various locations throughout the United States.

If an individual would like to send money via Western Union, he can complete a transfer online, with a smart-phone or at a participating location. For money to arrive to the recipient within an hour, a customer must pay using a credit or debit card. Recipients can pick up wired funds in cash or have them transferred to a bank account. The transferred funds are usually available to the recipient within minutes, says Western Union.

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