Where Can You View Your Wells Fargo Accounts?


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To create a Wells Fargo account online, sign up for Wells Fargo Online to look at and manage your accounts with any device that has access to the Internet, says Well Fargo. You answer a few questions about your current account and then are asked to create a login name and password. In some cases, a phone call may be necessary for identification purposes and to complete the registration. After this, Wells Fargo sends confirmation of the process.

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Once the online account has been setup, you can access your Wells Fargo account through a computer, tablet or smartphone, states Wells Fargo. Download the Wells Fargo online banking app on your tablet or smartphone for more convenient access to your accounts.

There are several regulations and restrictions that you must follow when setting up the account, explains Wells Fargo. For example, for security purposes and to protect your information, there are guidelines you must follow when creating a user name, such as the number of characters and numbers it can contain, how it must be different from your automated teller machine personal identification number and how it must not contain any of the three same characters or numbers in a row. Password suggestions are also offered to create the most secure password and protect your account from unwanted visitors.

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