Where Can You Take Weekend Phlebotomy Courses?


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Weekend phlebotomy courses are usually available through organizations specializing in medical certification or through phlebotomy institutes, such as the Central Phlebotomy Institute and the Healthcareer Group. The courses are generally geared toward those seeking certification, suggests Healthcareer Group.

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The Central Texas Phlebotomy Institute offers classes in different Texas cities each weekend. Students attend workshops and receive hands-on training that prepares them to do blood draws and handle specimens safely.

Healthcareer Group is located in Norcross, Georgia. Its ongoing weekend classes focus on refresher training for certification. Students do blood draws and need to be current medical professors, science students or medical students to enroll, notes the Healthcareer Group website.

To take a certification test, participants need to check with their state requirements and the certifying organization to ensure that the weekend course is accepted, notes the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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