What Can You Do With a Wal-Mart Money Card Account?

Customers can make purchases with a Wal-Mart Money Card anywhere that debit MasterCard or Visa are accepted, both online and in stores, withdraw cash at ATMs, have direct deposits set up, pay bills online and on some cards send money to family or friends. These features are not all available on the basic card that customers can buy online for free.

The Plus Money card and those above it have more features than the basic card. Several of the cards allow customers to customize their cards. These same cards allow the users to use them as online bill pay options as well. The basic card can be used for purchases online, but the bill pay is not available for this card. All four types of cards available from Wal-Mart incur a monthly service fee for using and keeping the card active. There are options to have this waived if customers reach certain minimums on their card balance and activity. Payroll direct deposit is only available on the preferred card that is offered. All of the cards are also charged a reload fee when customers use Rapid Reload at any Wal-Mart store. There are more options to load money on to the car that will users avoid this additional fee every month.