How Can I Get a W-2 Form Online?

How Can I Get a W-2 Form Online?

Open a web browser, and enter "" into the search bar. Find the search field on the IRS site, enter W-2, and hit return.

  1. Direct your Internet browser to the IRS website

    Use any Web browser and do a search for IRS W-2 or enter "" into the URL bar. Hit return.

  2. Search the IRS website

    Find the search field in the upper right hand corner of the website. Type "W-2a" in the field and hit return.

  3. Find the correct link

    Wait for the W-2 search to complete. Scroll through the results to find the W-2 form link. Click on this link, and wait for the next screen to appear.

  4. Download the .pdf

    Find the download icon for the W-2 form on the screen. Click on the icon, and wait for the W-2 .pdf to download to your computer. Find the W-2 download in the download folder on your computer.

  5. Open the downloaded form

    Open the download folder. Find W-2.pdf. Click on the icon to open the file.

  6. Print the W-2 form

    Attach your printer to the computer. Select the print option. Choose how many copies to print from the drop down print menu. Hit print for the W-2.